Jun 8, 2015

Pants party.

Introducing my new favorite pants. They pretty much speak for themselves, I like to think so anyway. I picked these beauties up from nastygal whilst trawling their site for some flared pants, no flared luck but hit gold with these. And yes, they are are much fun to wear as they look.


Jun 6, 2015

Always in black.

So, you may have noticed, I'm always in black. Shocked? The people who know me aren't. I can still hear my mothers voice today "why don't you buy some colour? You're starting to look Gothic". Thanks mum. I guess my dark dye hair job didn't help matters there either.

These days I consider myself more practical by wearing black, considering I always seem to spill something on myself so black always seems like the better option. I can proudly say I have expanded to more exotic colours and shades such as grey, navy and white (happy mum!).

But generally when I find myself liking an item of clothing my automatic question is 'does it come in black?'.

May 9, 2015

Welcome to the flat family

Bought some new shoes! Not really a surprise coming from me, but these are different from any I own, I think. For starters, they are red, and ombre and oh, so pretty and practical. These came from Stylenanda a Korean fashion brand that carry some awesome stuff. I recommend checking them out as they have some cool stuff.

Also, regular posting will be coming back soon, a poor combination of internet trouble, busy at work and life has prevented me from contributing over the past month. So keep an eye out for some fun posts.

Apr 12, 2015



Flatline by k8uphigh featuring red floral shoes

My feet could not be happier at the moment, flats are reigning supreme if any of the street style photos are anything to go by. And these days they are anything but boring, with more character and pzazz than any of the current heels on the market.

Photos from style.com

3 480 AUD - net-a-porter.com

Victoria Beckham white leather shoes
2 745 AUD - net-a-porter.com

Simone Rocha red floral shoes
1 440 AUD - net-a-porter.com

Dolce&Gabbana flower print shoes
1 040 AUD - net-a-porter.com

535 AUD - net-a-porter.com

Black mid heel shoes

Stripe shoes

Nude flat
285 AUD - chiaraferragnicollection.com

Acne Studios Jaycee
590 AUD - solestruck.com

305 AUD - pretty-small-shoes.com

Apr 9, 2015

I'll have what she's having

When it comes to street style, nobody does it quite like Anna Dello Russo. She always knows when to push the line between stylish and quirky,  I especially love these looks and have created some look-a-likes of her outfit. I've put some of my favorite looks below.

Also, sorry about the delay in posts over the last few days, been a bit busy combined with some internet troubles have left me being a slacker.

I'll have what shes having
I'll have what shes having by k8uphigh featuring a felt hat

Main photo via style.com

Apr 3, 2015

Looks to try this weekend

Some weekend outfit inspiration for you all today. Some street looks I'm gonna try out this weekend, some great examples of after 5pm Friday through to casual Sunday looks.

photos from Style.com

Apr 1, 2015


I try not to play favorites, but really we all are have a few things we cannot live without. I have listed below things I cannot live without and buy religiously.

Bare Mineral Foundation Matte
 Kiehl's Creme de corps


Kobo ebooks