Jan 30, 2013

Wacky Wednesday

So when the discussion of Valentine's day came up and whether we would be buying presents this year, my man friends proceeds to ask me what i would like. Without thinking i ask for shoes (as you would), but i was not prepared for his answer. Lucky for him this conversation was over Skype.

Man-friend: So, what do you want?

Me: Shoes (i have my eye on a lovely pair here crushed dreams)

Man-friend: No. I refuse to fund your habit.

Me: What?

Man-friend: It would be like buying heroin for a crack addict, I'm not encouraging you anymore.

Me: (Shock).... 

So, unlucky for him lucky for me i have found something else. Behold face bling. Anna Karin Karlsson Glasses + an exciting way to jazz up your face.

You can buy them here http://www.annakarinkarlsson.com/buy.php

 Photos from http://www.annakarinkarlsson.com/buy.php