Feb 3, 2013

Stay classy Sydney

So, in light of my little adventure last night and a sort of farewell for myself as I embark on moving across the country. I have decided to address some issues concerns I have from seeing the standards women seem to hold when handling themselves in a public place with alcohol involved.

Reference material is attached for those whom still have trouble distinguishing socially acceptable behavior.  Or aka, just having manners

1. Eat.

Nothing is better than sitting down to good plate of food (preferably overpriced and fancy so you can later brag have grown-up discussions about it) Plus you need to eat for basic survival 101. I recommend somewhere fancy to flaunt your food knowledge and instagram that shit. Plus. Food rocks.
Side note. A three am kebab is not a substitution to set meals. however you convince yourself of such at the time.

2. Drinks.

Now, for some of you (yes you, from last night. Have you no shame!) this would be your main focus for the night. if you are are 21 and younger at least. The rest of us prefer number 1. Make sure you to order something fancy and sip that shit! yes I said sip. However much you just want to re-engage your youth and neck that drink. don't. Its usually frowned upon in public, and could later come back to haunt you.

1. No one wants to see that shit                 2. Stay classy ladies
3. Personal appearance.

Now, for shits and giggles let try wearing more clothing. Your travelling hemline north may come across as sexy and flirty in your head but no. Just no. Your lady bits want to be covered. Maybe its because i'm old sophisticated, so dressing up isn't so much a priority anymore or maybe its just shit easier now i'm all swag. But if you wouldn't wear it professionally/ around you mum then its probably a no. Plus. It's f-ing cold, so wear a jumper please.

1. I don't care to see your bit's please                  2. Helloo classy lady

But if you just don't care about your dignity or are happy to live with the shame. then this will not apply to you.

Stay classy Sydney!

Photos taken are mine except one that was sourced via Google images.