Mar 20, 2013

Are your platforms making you fat?

Are your platforms making you fat?

Are your platforms making you fat? by k8uphigh featuring black high heels

Vogue has spoken and the message is clear, platform shoes are making us appear fatter. Yes, really.
Since their re-introduction women have snapped this style up, not just for their comfort, but because we did believe that their heavier appearance made us appear more delicate. But are they right? Is the single sexy sole style something we should be coveting to instead?

Word's of wisdom from the shoe god himself " I only make single-sole shoes," declares Manolo Blahnik, "They transform the way a woman walks: in heavy platforms like truck drivers, in my shoes like ballerinas." I can certainly see his point, I feel much more balanced and poised in my spindly single-soled heels as opposed to a little sluggish in platforms.

To sum up and in all honesty, who really cares? In this day and age, and certainly with the tide turning away from what runway fashion dictates and more into street style freedom, I think it's really a matter of whatever floats your boat. 

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