Mar 17, 2013

Denim Dungarees

I'm feeling perplexed, I have no words and and slightly feel like I have lost the plot. Currently on screen staring back at me are denim dungarees. I have mixed feelings at this prospect, firstly there is a chance to re-do a trend I so repeatedly shamed in my tie dye/ fluro wearing overalls. Now I have come a long way, and yes my taste has improved hopefully for the better, but there is a slight niggling in the back of my mind that I may put these on and just revert back 15 years and just go 90's crazy. Secondly, why? In all the years we have progressed through fashion, why are we back here? Is it the sudden allure over wearing denim? Or is it the lack of denim in fashion recently felt a need for one to wear as much as possible in one go.

So here I sit with my mouse hovering over the add button, my mind flicking back and forth over the decision. So, what do I do? It seems almost final with this click, no way I can back out (well I can return them) but my inner child is screaming with the anticipation of a do-over. Hopefully I won’t screw up.

Photo sourced via google images.