Mar 16, 2013

Foot Art

Foot Art

Foot Art by k8uphigh featuring leather pumps

Some of you may be wondering how I have avoided a post of this kind for so long. Easy. I keep getting distracted by reference material and end up shopping. Mad fail.

Shoes are something that I have always been fascinated with, It all started with a plastic pair of heels from the toy store and has since spiraled out of control grown into a beautiful collection.

My habit has stretches so far that I rarely dress around articles of clothing but around the shoes and accessories I want to wear. Sounds strange? Yes, it is. I think it's because you can easily change a look based on choice of footwear or maybe it's my vertically challenged nature and I can get away with heels without towering over anyone,though this cannot be said when pimping out in my 13 centimeter heels.

Well, whatever the reason all I know is that my man-friend does not understand it and has therefore cut me off any shoes purchases for any celebration such as birthdays and Christmas. I think he see it as an addiction, I see it as an avid foot art collector.

What are your thoughts?

Christian louboutin bootie
$1,845 -

Charlotte Olympia high heels
$975 -

Valentino patent shoes
$865 -

Giuseppe zanotti sneaker
$925 -

Acne cowboy shoes

Charlotte olympia flat


Yves Saint Laurent leather pumps
$600 -