Mar 15, 2013

Freedom from all that is hair!

Those close to me know how obsessed I can be with my hair products. Cursed Blessed with wavy, thick hair (thanks mum!) I have tortured put it through straightening processes to achieve the sleek, long tresses sported by our ever loving idols on the catwalks.

These days I have come to the resolution that the above is just never going to work for me, plus I enjoy having extra time to sleep in in the morning without worrying how my hair looks.
To accommodate my newly found freedom, I have chopped it. Yes you heard me,however it is still not short enough and i will be going under the scissors again (won't make the mistake of doing it myself again) 

Now queue holy grail music. Right. Well below i have put in m favorite products to use at the moment and little on why. 

First up is Kiehls Amino acid shampoo and conditioner, I find that these products help balance the natural condition of my hair, not weighing it down.

Bumble&Bumble has an awesome range of styling products available, a must for everyone is surf spray adds body and texture to the hair for that just slept in look. For those lacking volume try thicking spray which will give you ultimate lift. One of my absolute favorites is sumo tech, a waxy/ pasty/ creamy moulding paste thing which gives a very textural edgy finish. And finally, grooming creame,a softer approach to that lived in look gives separation  soft hod and a smooth finish.

I hope tat was all hair-raisingly informative for you (cue really dodgy photo)