Mar 18, 2013

Man cleavage aka he-vage.

Man cleavage = Attention whores?

Man cleavage = Attention whores? by k8uphigh featuring silk shirts

I can hear the collective male sighs in the bar as a women walks in wearing a button up shirt. Why? I personally think a simple button up looks far more inviting than having you knockers out on display. As a women I think it's pretty safe to assume we are gonna have boobies under it, we don't need to get them out to prove we are all women to you.

Recently I have come into contact with too many chest exposing males. Now this either means you are in-training for bodybuilding and your shirts no longer fit correctly or you have been watching too much geordie shore. I'm going take a stab and vote the latter for the general majority. Now, with all this-vage on display balance is tipped, rivaling the girls for title of cleavage whoring. Why? Is the vast expanse of your bared chest flesh such a pride and joy to you that you must share it with the rest of us? Or is it that you are proud of your heaving hairy glory that you feel the need to share? If that's true, I have some great leg hair saved up. Want to see it in a mini skirt? No. See my point. Good boy.

So, back to the button up, simple, clean and practical. Keeps your bits in and protects your from all angles of wardrobe malfunction, and if your boyfriend is in the percentage flashing their chest hairs now would be a good time to pilfer their wardrobe to get right on trend.