Jan 14, 2014

New years resolutions

So, it's at that time of the first month of a new year that most people would have scrapped their resolutions. I however have decided to make some (in the hope that they stick persuede me)

  • To start blogger more. I have been really slack the last half of last year but do have some exciting new ideas I want to share.
  • Buy less, wear more. Of my own wardrobe I mean! I want to document all my inventory (I'm knda nerdy like that) and create a more coheisive collection.
  • Hashtag more. Knowing and using the power. haha
  • Get my car license. Now my trusty scoot is in the shop I need another mode of transport (long overdue)
  • Get out more. Stop being a hermit as my man-friend says.
  • Get back into cycling.
  • Spend less. Save more.

Now I've penned typed this I'm hopeful hoping it will stick. At least they are all doable (written down at least)

Happy new year everyone!!