Jan 31, 2014

Skypro Cabin shoes

A more serious post today. Reviewing some new cabin crew shoes I bought that I am extremely pleased with. Anyone who works on their feet all day in heels knows how important a comfy shoe is. I ordered these Skypro shoes after a reccommendation my mother recieved (thanks mum!). The delivery process took about 3 weeks (I did order them over xmas) for handmade shoes this is a very resonable amount of time, having previously worked in the handmade shoes business myself I was very happy with the quality and size, especially as I have small feet it is hard to find shoes that fit right.

After a couple of days weraing these I can firmly say I reccommend these! I am particulary excited about the non slip sole, they have some serious grip on these babies! And the chunky style heel really makes these wearable for long periods of time.

I purchased the Amélia in black with a 7cm(2.8inch) heel. Also, apologies for how dirty they look I kinda forgot to gve them a clean before photos.  

Chek them out here- Skypro