Mar 8, 2014

Footwear dilemma

The ultimate wardrobe dilemma. Do I choose the sexy, leg lengthening stiletto or the on-trend, comfy as hell androgynous looking chunk of leather?
This seems to be a reoccurring scene in front of my wardrobe of late. Gone are the sky scraping platforms (sometimes) when dressing for a night out. The documentation of ones thought process when choosing a pair of shoes is quite entertaining, wardrobe destroying, enlightening. It can be the make or break of your evening, more then once I have left and engagement early, grumpy with sore tired feet or made multiple trips to the bathroom that would put a pregnant women to shame just to stop the silent screaming from my size 5's.
It's clearly apparent that I have become a slave to my footwear and my feet have become prisoner whilst I'm along for the ride, and even though I know I may regret my choice of footwear I already shamefully know that I will commit to my shoes no matter the outcome.

What do you prefer?