Mar 22, 2014

Holiday packing

Packing. Erg.

I've been avoiding this all week. I'm looking forward to leaving for Bali on Sunday but the idea of sifting through my wardrobe to pack is my idea of hell. Or my acceptance that I am an over packer.

Feelings of panic, possible drastic weather changes coupled with wanting multiple footwear options are constant roadblocks in the process, However this time around(mostly because the boy and I are sharing a small suitcase) I have had a breakthrough!  Now, granted I actually don't own weather appropriate clothing for this climate yet (I think I'm still in denial about moving back home) I didn't want the expense of buying an entire new holiday wardrobe (who does that anyway?) I managed to scrap some outfits together and am please to announce that the below are now my options. And yes those are the only shoes I am taking...

Now to get started on my beauty/ makeup stuff!