Apr 14, 2014

Dirty denim- DIY destroy

We all have that one pair of loved up jeans that are looking to be on it's last legs, so why not give them a bit of a shove.
I made the executive decison to love upmy jeans a little more with a little help from a box cutter and a cheese grater. It was pretty simple, I just hacked at them until my anger wore off, haha.
The picture below are a little hard to see as they are black, but they washed up pretty good and should get destroyed more with wear. Dont forget to place a piec of cardboard under your jeans, so the cuts don't go through to the other side.
Also, my jeans are slightly stretchy, not ideal, but they still slight work. I'm working up to completely cutting the knees out, not sure if if it would work so well as they are skinny, but, why not?

I will do an in-action short soon. xx