Aug 25, 2014

Summertime in Paris

Summer in Paris. The epitome of cool despite the horrendous hot and sticky weather that accompanies the romance of this city. The Parisians certainly know how to balance the trends and comfort when it comes to dressing. Either that or they have dressing lessons in the womb.

The ease they have at transitioning between seasons appears as simple as incorporating some well chosen accessories and adding a flat, sneaker, mandal, boot or heel of choice.

It appears easy and effortless but to one such as myself, more partial to my winter wardrobe (Hey, I love layers), summer always appears out of my comfort zone. The idea of shedding layers scares me, asking me to strip myself of my safety blanket blazer is almost like asking me to abandon my identity.

However, as I now find myself back down under I have suddenly resolved to find a balanced medium in my search of comfort this coming summer in Perth. I will be dropping my hangups, ditching the blazer and embracing the single layer.


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