Oct 30, 2014

DIY evening bag


I have been dying to find a bag like this to buy, but alas my champagne taste doesn't stretch towards the ones I actually like so I decided to make my own. In the past my adventures into DIY  usually ends abruptly after an impatience temper tantrum, but this time I was determined. Finally completed I have to say I am mighty impressed with myself!

How to:
1. I used a small plate as my template for the circle base, then to get the measurements for the body times the circle circumference by pi to get the measurement.
2. I attached a stiffer fabric to my base to sit inside (so cut two circles, one in my fabric another out of vinyl to go inside) to give it a little more structure. sew these together.
3. As I hand sewed these i used a french seam to stitch the sides of the body together, don't forget to insert and sew around your rope if using as your handle.
4. I hand stitched around the top to secure the raw edge. Added some tassels and presto!

Pretty easy and excellent for any scrap fabric you have lying around!