Oct 17, 2014

STYLE SERIES: Layering like a boss!


Some exciting news for you today! Welcome to part one of a regular styling segment using basics along with the layering concept to create a more unique and individualised look. There will be a new post every week. 

Our first post will be an alternative way to wear the basic pencil skirt, cause really who wears clothes as they are intended?

Firstly, I' m donning my selected pencil skirt. I'm going for a basic jersey River Island pencil skirt, similar here. Looking pretty ordinary and headless here.

Next I'm adding a Zara navy midi knit pleat skirt under, presto! instant weird, fishtail skirt-y thing. You can find a similar one here.

Add a simple sheer t-shirt, like this Dani Minogue for Target to the mix, tuck it in and voila! Similar shirt can be found here.


Add some funky shoes, for my tiny feet I have these custom pair from Pretty Small shoes. You can check out some similar ones here on their site if you also size challenged.


Find your most dressy evening shirt, similar here.


And for fun, throw on a longish jacket. My Zara one is a few seasons old and altered but you can find a similar one here,


Go ahead and spruce yourself up by doing up a couple of those top buttons .And presto! You have a somewhat stylish, layered ensemble.