Feb 21, 2015

Closet clean out

Over the course of a few weeks I have been in the process of having a massive closet clean up/ overhaul. I am attempting to go back to basics and keep a small wardrobe of a few colours (mostly back, white and navy) that will mix and match with everything. So far, I have succeeded and have even replaced some of my well worn basics. Eventually I would like to only purchase a couple of items bi-annually, mostly to update/ replace any older items (ha ha good luck).

How I went through my wardrobe detox:

-Anything not touched- get rid of.
-Got rid of anything not in my colour palette (really didn't wear it anyway)
-Allocated a certain amount of space for everything and stick to that space only!
-Anything not fitting- get rid of- you wont wear it.

for the rest of your clothing after putting it away, turn the hangers around the opposite way and leave space on the other side of a draw so that when you do wear an item place the hanger around the correct way, put the item on the other side of the draw so in a few months time when you want to clear out again you can clearly see items you do wear to those you don't.

Now if I could only want to apply this to my shoe collection...