Feb 27, 2015

Winter foot warmers.

Winter Boots

Currently I have been glued to my screen checking out all the new shoes I want to try out for the season. All the street style pics coming in from New York and London for fashion week doesn't help at all, add in my slight shoe addiction and it's a recipe for a new purchase! (Que the Mr uphigh eye roll). I do have to consider that I no longer reside in a cold weather winter climate. Winter down under, especially in Perth is more like a crisp English winter morning, so unfortunately or fortunately, I do not
 require massive heavy duty weather appropriate. So my option are pretty much unlimited! I do want to admit I'm quite partial to the Tony Bianco, Doc marten lookalike slip on's.

Which ones do you prefer? Comment below.

Acne Studios tall black boots
665 AUD - solestruck.com

Kenzo platform shoes
630 AUD - solestruck.com

Opening Ceremony chunky high heel shoes
585 AUD - solestruck.com

Mamut high heel shoes
350 AUD - solestruck.com

UN United Nude black and white shoes
240 AUD - solestruck.com

Jeffrey Campbell black shoes
235 AUD - solestruck.com

Wrangler black booties

YES platform shoes
51 AUD - solestruck.com

Zamagni 2N745
370 AUD - solestruck.com

510 AUD - pretty-small-shoes.com

SIGRID brogue
450 AUD - pretty-small-shoes.com